Turbo eSigner®

Turbo eSigner® is an innovative application that allows users to digitally sign PDF documents by Digital Signature Certificate in an offline & cloud based environment. It works with DSC tokens as well as with PFX files issued by Govt nominated Certifying Authority in India. Turbo-eSigner enables users to digitally sign documents in a faster and more secure way.

70,000+ users are using Turbo eSigner® every day to Digitally Sign the documents. Turbo-eSigner can be integrated with DSC Tokens, PFX files or through Aadhaar based eSignature.

Under the IT Act, 2000 Digital Signatures are at par with stamped seals and handwritten signatures. The Indian Union Budget 2015-16 has also allowed documents to be Digitally Signed with Digital Signature Certificates and share electronically via internet / email. e-Signatures are recognised as an accepted method of secure electronic signatures as part of the Second Schedule of the Information Technology Act, 2008 (IT Act).

Turbo eSigner® & DSC Signer® are Registered Trademark Products of Shiva Infotech Innovations Pvt Ltd. Shiva Infotech is a pioneer in serving Industry Since 1990 thru innovative IT Solutions.

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